Our Academic Staff

List of Academic Staff

    S/No            Name of StaffRank/ Designation, Date of First AppointmentQualification, Dates Obtained and  Specialization, Membership of Professional Associations and Number of Publications
    1.    Dr (Mrs.) A. O. Oke  Reader, (5th April 2001)B. Tech.,1998 (Comp. Eng) M.Tech 2005(Comp.Sci) Ph.D. 2012(Comp.Sci) Pattern Recognition, Hardware design and Control MCPN, COREN, MNSE, MNCS, MAPWEN Publication: 49
         2.    Prof. E. O. Omidiora  Professor (1995)B.Sc . 1991(Comp.Eng) M.Sc, 1998(Comp.Sci) Ph.D 2006(Comp.Sci) Soft Computing and Biometrics, Pattern Recognition MCPN, MNSE, COREN Regd. Publication: 70
  3.  Prof. O. T. Arulogun  Professor (2nd  April 2001)B. Tech. 1998 Comp. Eng  M.Sc.2004 Comp Eng Ph.D. 2009, (Comp.Sci) Control Engineering Automation COREN , MCPN, MIEEE Publication: 47
  4.  Dr. A. S. Falohun  Reader (February 2006)B. Tech., 1999(Comp Eng) M.Tech 2005(Comp. Sci) Ph.D. 2012(Comp. Sci) Digital Signal Processing & Biometrics MCPN, COREN Publication: 50
  5.  Dr. R. A. Ganiyu  Reader (May, 2009)B. Tech. 2002 Comp. Eng M.Tech. 2008(Comp.Sci) Ph.D. 2012(Comp.Sci) Modelling and Simulation, Bio-metrics based Applications MCPN, COREN Publication: 50
  6.  Dr. J. B. Oladosu  Senior Lecturer (2nd May 2001)B. Tech. 1997 (Comp. Eng) M.Sc 2006(Comp.Sci) Ph.D. 2011(Comp.Sci) Hardware Design Principles & MANETS, M-Health, MIEEE, MCPN, COREN Publication:50
  7.  Dr. O. O. Okediran  Senior Lecturer (Dec. 2008)B. Tech. 2002 Comp. Eng M.Tech. 2008(Comp.Sci) Ph.D. 2012(Comp.Sci) Information Systems MCPN, COREN Publication: 45
      8.  Dr. C. A. Oyeleye  Senior Lecturer (Feb. 2002)B. Tech. 1998 Comp. Sci M.Tech. 2006(Comp.Sci) Ph.D. 2012(Comp.Sci) Information Systems MCPN, MACM Publication: 39
      9.  Dr. Mrs. O. O. Alo  Senior Lecturer (Dec. 2008)B. Tech. 2002 Comp. Sci M.Tech. 2008(Comp.Sci) Ph.D. 2015(Comp.Sci) Complexity of Algorithms MCPN, Publication: 31
    10.  Dr. O. M. Olaniyan  Senior Lecturer (Nov.  2019)B. Tech. 2005 Comp. Eng M.Tech. 2010 (Comp.Sci) Ph.D. 2015 (Comp.Sci) Cloud computing, MCPN, COREN Publication: 36
    11.  Dr. T. M Adepoju  Senior Lecturer (Oct. 2019)B. Tech. 2006 Comp. Eng M.Tech. 2010 (Comp.Sci) Ph.D. 2015 (Comp.Sci) Pattern Recognition/Image processing, MCPN, COREN Publication:34
     12.Mr. Sijuade A. A.Lecturer I 3/12/2018B.Tech Compt Engrg, 2006 M.Tech Compt Sci., 2014 COREN Publication: 12
    13.   Dr Oyediran M. O.Lecturer I 14/12/2018B.Tech Compt Engrg, 2012 M.Tech. Compt Sci., 2013 Ph.D, Compt Engrg. 2020 NSE, COREN Publication: 20
      14.Dr. Ajani A. A.Lecturer I 23/1/2019B.Tech Compt Engrg, 2010 M.Sc. Telecom & Networks, 2015 Ph.D, Electrical Engrg (Telecom option), 2020 NSE, COREN Publication: 10
    15.  Engr. Mrs Balogun M. O.Lecturer I 3/12/2018B.Tech Compt Engrg, 2008 M.Tech Compt Sci., 2014 NSE, COREN Publication: 8
    16.Engr.  Adigun S. O.Lecturer I 4/2/2019B.Tech Compt Engrg, 2010 M.Tech Compt Sci., 2016 NSE, COREN Publication: 5
     17.  Mr. J. P. Oguntoye  Lecturer II (18/12/, 2018)B. Tech. 2010  Comp. Eng M.Tech. 2018 (Comp.Sci) Bio-metrics based Applications and soft computing Publication: 10
     18Mr Awodoye O. O.Lecturer II 8/1/2019B.Tech Compt Engrg, 2009 M.Tech Compt Sci., 2015 NSE, COREN, In progress Publication: 7
    19.Engr. Mrs Jooda J. O.Lecturer II 11/1/2019B.Tech Compt Engrg, 2008 M.Tech Compt Sci., 2015 COREN, Publication: 4
    20.Engr. Mr. Akanni O. A.Lecturer II 14/1/2019B.Tech Compt Engrg, 2011 M.Tech Compt Sci., 2019 NSE, COREN
    21.Engr. Miss Adeyemo T. T.Lecturer II 12/12/2018B.Tech Compt Engrg, 2012 M.Tech Compt Sci., 2016 NSE, COREN Publication: 10
    22.Engr. Atoyebi J. O.  Lecturer II 19/02/2019  B.Tech Compt Engrg, 2014 M.Sc Compt Engrg, 2019, COREN Publication: 5